KTH Yildiz

- Kunststoffverarbeitung - Werkzeugbau

- Molding injection and Development

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Plastics processing in injection moulding technology on highest level

With our modern machinery including attached tool construction we are in the positiom to develop and manufacture moldet plastic parts from your first draft to production stage. Our enterprise was created 1993 by Ali Yildiz.

One of our special fields is the development and construction of biologically degradable articles

We have a broad pallet of different bio plastics raw materials for deverse applications.

Innovative problem solutions, compiled of a young team, guarantee a high measure of success. Whether biologically degradable or conventional plastics, our experienced crew handels the materials perfectly. A PPS system as well as constantly working injection molding machines for small series or samples help us in this case.

Form articls from high-technical plastics, large and small series as well as sampling or production optimazation are part of our daily task.

The enterprise KTH Yildiz is active for many industries:

  • Aerosol industry
  • Sports article industry
  • Electrical industry
  • Horticulture industry
  • Foodstuffs industry